Find Yuh'self In Jamaica!

Love Yuh’self In Jamaica!

How to be a Cultural Immersion Guest in Jamaica

Experience something different and Gain a New Perspective on Life with Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel – the leading Cultural Immersion resource for Visitors that want to Dive Deeper into what it really means to be Jamaican.

Rasta Routes enables Independent Travelers – just like yuh’ – to Explore the Whole Country on our Authentic Cultural Trail – Affordably and at Yuh’ Own Pace – seeing Exactly what Yuh’ want to see, When Yuh’ want to see them!

How to be a Cultural Immersion Guest in Jamaica

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Rasta Routes helps future Budget Travelers plan their trip to Jamaica and shows potential visitors a variety of ways to travel to the best loved spots on the island, independently on a Backpacker’s Budget of around $50 – $100 USD per day!

Rasta Routes makes it easy for our visitors to have Exciting Adventures and Positive Experiences – plus have fun, informal everyday encounters with the native Jamaicans that don’t typically eat and hang out in resort hotel lobbies & restaurants…

Taste hot Cocobread and eat Fresh Sugarcane from a roadside vendor, then showcase it all online for a lifetime of bragging rights when friends back home see how good of a time you are having!

Guided Hikes to Blue Mountain Peak

What a’ Gw’aan Boss-Person?

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Just Ask Yuh’ Own Personal Team of
 Jamaican Cultural Topic Experts!

Nightly Dinner Tours with the White Witch at the Rose Hall Great House

Experience Local Jamaican Life & Gain Perspective in Treasure Beach

Nightly Dinner Tours with the White Witch at the Rose Hall Great House

Go on a Birdwatching Hike for Couples with a Picnic Lunch

Guided Kitesurfing Tours in Falmouth, Jamaica

Rasta Nyahabinghi Drum Lessons at 4:20PM

Nyahbinghi Rasta Drum Lessons in Negril

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Jamaica’s unique Lifestyle and Cultural and Historical Heritage provides unique experiences found nowhere else – so go past normal, Immerse Yuh’self and find out who you really are – maybe even Volunteer or Work/Exchange as you become a more Irie and Relaxed person!

Backpacking through Jamaica and staying in Hostels along the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Trail is a great way to meet interesting travelers and local natives.

At you can read past reviews of other Jamaica Backpacker travelers so you can judge the quality of the Hostel or Guesthouse before you book.

Push your Jamaican vacation to the limit with Rasta Routes and make your Experience more Real and Unique!

Eat. Play. Stay. Jack Sprat's - Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Regional Travel / Cultural Specialists — Here When Yuh’ Need Us

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Pick Yuh’ Choice — Everyone’s Nice!

Volunteer & Read to the Blind in Kingston

We publish comprehensive City Guides and Background Cultural Insight including Travel Maps and Directions, Area Attractions, Event Calendars, Tour Guides, Travel Companions and Restaurant Listings for Cities, Towns and Rural Villages all across Jamaica!

Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel offers visitors the opportunity to explore Jamaica safely, visit village communities and enjoy meeting our people in their own natural everyday environment.

Step beyond the “tourist trail” and find your own way around Authentic Jamaica safely – we guarantee that you will have the experience of a lifetime and meet fun, like-minded, conscious travelers & interesting Jamaicans along the way!

Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory helps Backpackers, Budget Travelers and Rural/Eco Tourists find quality information, resources and solutions for a variety of Jamaican travel topics and questions.

Our editors check out Web sites before they are listed, organizing them by category and region, making it easier for travelers to plan, book and immerse themselves into Jamaican Authentic Cultural Travel.

Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel allows small informal tourism projects in rural Jamaica to increase their involvement in the wider tourism industry and supporting them is an easy way for you to practice sustainability during your travels.

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Sleep at Hostel Guesthouses run by Jamaicans, shop at Craft Markets and Street Vendors for locally made souvenirs at prices almost half of fancy boardwalk beach boutiques or Malls. Not many Jamaicans own Shopping Malls…

As the old saying goes, “the more you travel, the less you pack” – so bring less clothes and buy new Jamaican-made outfits to wear on your Cultural Immersion Trip for a fun and easy way to practice Responsible Tourism!

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Given the right tools and the power of the Internet, people are perfectly capable of arranging their own vacation and is the perfect place to start Dreaming, Scheming and – of course – Planning your Jamaican Travel Adventure.

With Jamaica’s easy access to coasts featuring beaches with excellent waves all year round, ideal temperatures and warm water, of course you will want to see it all, but do you know where to begin?

Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel organizes and presents affordable adventures & unique experiences – on and off the main tourist track – for value-oriented travelers and cultural immersion tourists.

Our mobile-friendly website features Maps, Transportation information, Activities to do, Sightseeing guides, Event Calendars and Accommodation listings to enable independent trips to many different parts of Jamaica, even if you don’t own a backpack!

By eating cheaply, staying in Hostels and picking up helpful information and recommendations right here on, your travel dollars can go further and you can be enriched at a much deeper and emotional level by experiencing more of Authentic Jamaica longer.

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Learn Yuh’ Way Around Town from Friendly Area Residents

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Cultural Ambassadors — Link with Locals Face-to-Face!

As you’re going to a particular city, you can research nearby attractions, activities and vendors that interest you for even more spontaneous fun and sightseeing!

Rasta Routes makes Jamaican Cultural Immersion an affordable travel reality.

Go your own way – the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Trail teams up detailed Google Map directions with behind-the-scenes insider knowledge and the best must-see Jamaican attractions – Beaches, Waterfalls, National Parks and more, to give independent travelers the cheapest options and the most honest answers.

Travel smarter, safer and longer – visit many different parts of the Jamaica while constantly being in contact with a network of other island travelers and friends back home.

Rasta Routes specializes in listing the best Hostels, Guesthouses and Cottages in each incredible region of Jamaica – along with local Event and Festival schedules, and, affordable Ground Transportation booking options islandwide for all-in-one convenience!

We negotiate daily with the best Jamaican attractions, tours and restaurants – passing discounts on to you – to deliver great backpacker prices, offers and deals for affordable food, transport and adventure!

As a responsible traveler, one of the biggest factors to consider is “where do I get the biggest bang for my money?”

Our system ensures easy and secure online booking, which provides convenient hostel rates and discount fares.

The Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Trail lists, maps and organizes the best activities, deals on backpacker rooms and reggae-flavored adventures allowing you to experience breathtaking natural vistas, iconic destinations, spectacular live music and make your travel dollars go further.

Hostels are possibly the best type of accommodation for backpacking through Jamaica and be surrounded by like-minded travelers who share the love of adventure.

Use Search to quickly find hotels and nearby attractions, events and local food stalls. Accessing the Advanced Search button gives you detailed information about a particular listing, images and contact information.

Rasta Route “Stays” deliver a world class inventory of quality Jamaican Hostels, Guesthouses and other low-cost accommodation options in great locations nationwide.

Hostel Guesthouses are inexpensive, located in every area along the Rasta Route Authentic Cultural Trail, and full of other young, adventurous travelers from all over the world, probably with a love for beaches, nature, Reggae music and fun.

Find safe, clean and friendly atmospheres with knowledgeable staff on call to assist you with local information on stores, banks, tourist attractions and, of course, the heritage of our country, plus any other help to make your trip a memorable one!

When you stay with a Rasta Route Partner, you enjoy their lowest possible rate and a GREAT alternative to more expensive resort hotels where you probably won’t have any real fun or meet anyone interesting anyway!

We endeavor to achieve this by working with the Jamaica Backpackers Association to ensure that hosteling is affordable and that no matter which Jamaican Hostel you visit, you’ll get a great night’s sleep in a safe environment.

In a hostel, each backpacker rents his or her individual bed and shares a dorm-style room with other travelers. Most modern hostels also have private rooms for individuals, couples and families, but expect to pay a little more for more privacy.

Dorm-room privacy maybe limited, but low bed prices and the opportunity to socialize and make new friends makes up for the inconvenience.

Just bring ear plugs unless you’d like listening to those new friends snore…

Additionally, we encourage all our Rasta Route Partners to market products and services that are kinder to the environment, conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, use environmentally friendly materials – and to buy environmentally compatible goods.

Smart travelers already know that the best way to get to know a place is to avoid the expensive corporate-chain hotels, yet some people still think that hostels are only for the youth traveler or serious backpacker.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This is why travelers on a budget, eco-tourists and even those who prefer private bathrooms are increasingly staying at midscale and economy hostels and finding private rooms with bathrooms and clean beds.

Reservations are also not usually required – giving flexibility when needed and substantial savings to travel budgets.

In reality – in addition to being budget-friendly – your Hostel will often feel more like a cozy bed and breakfast or guesthouse than a dorm, even if you are sleeping in a dorm-style bedroom!

Backpacking is more about adventure, independence and flexibility than the type of luggage that you choose, it’s not just a place to stay, it’s about learning about new cultures, meeting new people and discovering yourself.

Change your itinerary a little. Or a lot. The affordability and spontaneity of backpacking allows lengthy and flexible getaways for a premium travel experience!

Imagine booking a roundtrip flight with no set return date — you can explore Authentic Jamaica at your leisure and return when it feels right.

While everyone doesn’t have unlimited travel time, we can all still embrace some spontaneity. Backpackers don’t typically chart a detailed itinerary that includes a minute-by-minute schedule of daily activities, and often change plans at the last minute.

Hostels typically have a lounge room where people can read, relax, watch TV and meet other travelers. This is a great place to meet other people and exchange travel stories.

Many Hostels and Guesthouses have kitchens and BBQ areas, so Backpackers can save money by cooking their own meals.

Hostels with kitchens are more social, as it gives people a chance to interact and make friends by cooking group meals and having everyone chip some food or labor.

You can always count on making new travel friends in the kitchen.

A lot of Hostels also offer free breakfast – usually some combination of corn flakes or porridge, bread or pancakes with jam or butter, an egg or juice if you’re lucky, and lots of hot tea and Jamaican coffee!

For a hostel with a really lively social scene – you’ll want to book a Hostel with a bar. Beer prices at hostel bars are usually affordable and drinking at your hostel or Guesthouse is sometimes safer than wandering Jamaican streets drunk & in the mood to chat after a big night of enjoying our culture.

Our Rasta Routes mission is to help you figure out the cultural tourism options, offer unforgettably intense Authentic Jamaican experiences that you can’t do anywhere else and help make the country a Safe, Affordable destination for Backpackers to stretch their limits and have awesome adventures and experiences.

Year-round, Jamaica’s days are filled with warmth and sunshine, even during the rainy season, making “anytime” the best time to visit – and – you can enjoy exotic Jamaican cuisine throughout the year at one of our many Food and Music festivals!

Planning a trip is exciting – thinking about the adventures and the relaxation and the possibilities.

You are free to do whatever you please or even reinvent yourself – telling people you are whatever you say you are – as you discover the hidden secret gems of Authentic Jamaica just waiting to be found.

A majority of Rasta Routes Backpackers and Cultural Immersion Guests simply consider themselves more Traveler than Tourist – tending to value a laid-back, easy ambiance and having other conscious, positive, good vibed people around.

Visiting Jamaica – the “Most Famous Country in the World” (excluding the Vatican) is easy, exhilarating and extremely rewarding, but learning about a new culture is about more than just seeing famous tourist sights.

Quite often, the smell, taste, touch and sound of a destination are just as important for that truly intense Authentic Experience!

Learn the Latest Jamaican Dancehall Moves!

Only $45 USD Get You on 4 Ziplines & 1 Giamt Screamer Swing in Ocho Rios

Surf & Skate in St. Thomas, Jamaica

Jamaican Kush Candy, Cookies, Cakes & Brownies!

Scenic Bicycle Tours in Ocho Rios & Montego Bay with WIFi

Only $45 USD Get You on 4 Ziplines & 1 Giamt Screamer Swing in Ocho Rios

Volunteer with BREDS in Treasure Beach

Make sense of Jamaica’s vibrant people, culture and the music which reflects our lives, feeling safe and comfortable as you enjoy yourself in Authentic Jamaica, far from the tourist crowds and umbrella stirred drinks.

As part of our effort to promote backpacker tourism, Jamaica Backpackers and Rasta Routes stand available to help answer any questions you may have and will point you in the right direction and make our best recommendations.

Some Rasta Routes Backpackers want thrills, physical challenge and high Adrenalin experiences, often combining Blue Mountain and Negril adventure packages with active and outdoor appeal for unique budget excitement, physical adrenalin and one-of-a-kind bragging rights!

Others are more relaxed, content in their temporary escape, simply enjoying a Red Stripe Beer as they feel the sun on their back and sweet cool breeze, watching slices of Jamaica’s unique, colorful culture and “No Problem” lifestyle pass by.

Rasta Routes combines a diverse network of Attractions, Activities and Events with low-cost Transportation and Accommodation providers, making it easy for Backpackers, Long-Term Travelers and Rural/Sustainable/Eco Tourists to plan, see and do different things they can’t do at home.

From Adventure activities to Urban sightseeing, Rasta Routes acts as both Matchmaker and a Safety Net, connecting you to professional hosts and affordable tourism providers that meet the highest standards.

With information about Jamaica that guide books never talk about like Volunteering and Rural/Community Tourism, you can spend your money the best way for you – and make a difference in the places you visit, with your funds going even further than they would have otherwise.

Buying locally had benefits at every level and one of the easiest ways to practice sustainable travel and support the local economy by putting money directly into local Jamaican pockets.

In addition to lower prices, shopping at Craft Markets, local shops and Street Food Vendors are great for people watching and seeing variety of unique products, and helps you easily make a more positive impact with your travel.

Rasta Routes helps you discover and explore Authentic Jamaica, far beyond the walls of the famous all-inclusive resorts, as you see the struggles and joys of our wonderful people and understand the traditions and heritage that brought us where we are today.

With multiple Backpacker Touring Routes, Sightseeing & Adventure listings, Musical Events and Food Festivals, plus dates for important Rastafari celebrations and holy days, Rasta Routes is invaluable for anyone planning to spend time in Jamaica.

Meet the people and delve into our culture to learn more about all aspects of the country and understand the Jamaican perspective. Jamaicans are laid back and proud of our country so we are often willing to teach visitors about our home.

Getting away from daily routine and meeting new people is why everyone travels and many solo travelers make lifelong friends along the way. Travel helps people broaden their perspectives, opens their eyes and improves maturity and understanding of different cultures.

Step outside the box and experience the dream of Authentic Jamaican travel, gain and grow on a personal level as you “Find Yuh’self” during this culturally-enriching time of learning and self discovery.

Rasta Routes combines access to Authentic Jamaican culture, sights and things to do, with opportunities for those who want a different type of vacation, to engage in social work and volunteer – empowering our travelers to connect to local causes and communities.

Be someone different for a while with a whole new way of life as you reinvent yourself and “get away from Mum for a while” – and with no one looking over your shoulder while you’re here.

A lot of Backpackers Travel just for this reason!

Learn about and “Find Yuh’self” as you work on your personality, meet new people and visit new places full of good times, fun and relationships.

Relax and unwind in Jamaica’s laid back lifestyle, improve health and wellness, escape school and job pressures, and the limitations from others back home.

On vacation you are who you tell and show others!

If you have a bit of adventure in your blood and a desire to serve, Rasta Routes can arrange and organize service-oriented travel experiences, with all of the necessary logistics so that you can easily choose a “volunteer vacation” that fits your interests, schedule, and your wallet!

Volunteer vacations aren’t all about the labor that you give – it’s also about educating yourself, connecting with others, sharing culture, and yes, simply doing good and getting away from home.

Do something new and different, try new things in new places and discover the positives of Voluntourism!</