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Exchange Your Time & Skills in Jamaica for Free Room and Meals

Rasta Routes maintains listings of charities, non-profits, farms, schools, hostels and even families who invite volunteer tourist helpers to stay with them short term and assist with specific tasks in exchange for meals and accommodation.

Stay with local Jamaicans for a part or all your trip and gain practical international skills and unique work experiences in safe, fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities, and the chance to live with and meet local people for a more interesting stay.

Exchange Your Time & Skills in Jamaica for Free Room and Meals

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

In line with our mission to cultivate Responsible and Sustainable travel, Rasta Routes is committed to increasing opportunities for Jamaican visitors to Travel, Learn about and Work with our People and Culture.

One big advantage that Rasta Route Volunteer Guests have over ordinary travelers is that they gain deeper insight on local customs and the true character of our warm and friendly people.

Discover authenticity and gain insights from locals by temporarily integrating into Jamaican Homes, Businesses and Communities to Share your unique skills and Culture, for a greater sense of accomplishment when compared to just randomly roaming across the island.

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica and know where you will be, simply use to start researching if there are any interesting Work/Exchange positions available in that area!

Hike Jamaica's Blue Mountains on a Birdwatching Tour

What a’ Gw’aan Boss-Person?

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Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Volunteer Guests usually live with their host and are expected to join in and help with Day to Day activities. In most cases the Exchange is based on 4-6 hours of work for a full day’s food and accommodation.

Work/Exchange is often a life saver for a backpacker strapped for cash due to miscalculation, or simply for those who travel on the lowest possible budget.

You may be asked to help with a variety of tasks – small jobs like painting and reorganizing, office and computer work, front desk reception, organic gardening, general help around the house, working with animals, caring for people with disabilities or even government funded community development projects.

Experience isn’t usually necessary, more important are Commitment and Enthusiasm, the ability to adapt and use initiative, concern for the environment and local communities, and, a sincere desire to help – no matter the situation!

Occasionally, a specific skill might be sought by Hosts for Volunteers with Skills and Experience in Agriculture, Organic Gardening and Permaculture, or with trade skills such as Building, Carpentry and Landscaping, or from professionals in areas like Web Design, Education and Accounting.

Tour a Working Coconut Oil Farm

Regional Travel / Cultural Specialists — Here When Yuh’ Need Us

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Pick Yuh’ Choice — Everyone’s Nice!

Dinner & Evening Tour of Rose Hall Great House

Additionally, Hostels and Guesthouses often get their workers from people already staying there. Remember to be flexible. Many times “Front Desk” also means Cleaning, Food Prep and Tour Guide, so be prepared to do all of the above and more.

Volunteer Guests who are open-minded, willing to accept that life will be different and won’t always go to plan, are usually the ones who have the most successful Work/Exchange experiences.

Additionally, self-starters who can use their initiative will both give and gain the most from Work/Exchange experiences.

Volunteers can choose from programs with minimum stays from two or three days as long as 3 to 6 months, with a few hosts having no set limit on the maximum length of your stay.

In many cases, Volunteer Guests work an average of 4 hours per day, or 20 hours per week, and receive free accommodation and meals for their efforts.

Individual hosts may be different and, for example, require just 2 hours of Work/Exchange per day for use of a bed, leaving you to provide and cook your own meals.

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Volunteer Guests should be fully self-funded and financially independent, able to cover incidental expenses and unforeseen costs beyond any basic Work/Exchange provided Food and Accommodation.

Some hosts may need you for 4 hours every weekday giving weekends off, while others might allow you to put in 8 hours for 3 continuous days and then take off for the rest of the week.

Still, other hosts may expect 6 hours of Work/Exchange per day in return for special meals, a private room and other benefits such as free Internet use, local sight-seeing trips, etc.

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Arrangements and Work/Exchange conditions for Volunteer Guests will vary considerably depending on the tasks at hand and each individual host’s preferences and available resources.

Accommodation is provided for Volunteers and depending on the type of project and its location could include being a hammock or tent, or a room in home, business or hostel, or staying in a group house or cabin just for Volunteers.

Sometimes there are staff rooms and in the rare case a staff house, but generally you will be required to share a room with other Volunteers or with members of your Jamaican host family who are of your same gender.

If you choose Work/Exchange with a hostel or guesthouse, be prepared to live in a dorm with guests that are coming and going, as party animals or loud snorers could be annoying for light sleepers.

Two or three meals per day are usually provided, but some hosts cannot necessarily afford to feed you, even with your volunteer help and sometimes request a small donation towards food. advises that both helpers and hosts to ask plenty of questions about each other in order to establish expectations from each party.

A short period of time (5 days to a week) is recommended as a trial period with the view of extending the relationship should both Host and Volunteer agree to continue their Work/Exchange partnership.

Work/Exchange Volunteers should never arrive at a potential host location without a prior arrangement.

Read, Watch & Learn Jamaican Rasta Culture!

Learn Yuh’ Way Around Town from Friendly Area Residents

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Cultural Ambassadors — Link with Locals Face-to-Face!

Support grassroots initiatives that work to help everyday Jamaicans improve their lives, while taking an active role in your own vacation and engaging all of your senses!

Many Rasta Route Volunteer Guests undertake additional “side projects“, either at their host location or in the wider local community – Painting a School, Visiting the Elderly, or Repairing a Church – making it their mission to personally fix or improve a specific situation while volunteering, and have the solution be their legacy long after they’ve left!

There are many other ways to contribute too, even if you aren’t interested in volunteering. See your time & money go to work by bring school supplies for Jamaican kids.

The local children in every region would love it if you brought material for Arts and Crafts like Stickers, Balloons, Crayons and Glitter Glue, or Fun and Educational Books, Games and Ideas to share.

A recent Police Record from your home city will be necessary for Volunteer Guests planning to work directly with children.

Rasta Nyahabinghi Drum Lessons at 4:20PM

Jamaican Kush Candy, Cookies, Cakes & Brownies!

Volunteer with BREDS in Treasure Beach

If you are already on your Jamaican vacation, already exploring the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Trail, it is still not too late to find a rewarding Work/Exchange experience.

When you arrive at your Hostel Guesthouse, be sure to introduce yourself to the staff and management and let them know you are planning to stay for more than one week.

Smile and be Friendly and interact with other guests, if you have been in Jamaica for a bit and have a general idea of how things work, offer to take newer guests out and show them around town.

Help out without being asked. Clean up if you notice Dishes in the Sink or a Mess in the Lounge, help another guest with their bags – it will be noticed and appreciated!

If you have a special skill, such as Electrical, Internet, Carpentry etc. that the Hostel could find useful, offer your help but don’t be too pushy.

Just remember to show some Common Sense, be Friendly and Helpful, as those are the most important qualities that every organization in every location will be looking for.

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