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Joints vs spliffs vs blunts

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts – What’s Your Favorite?

If you are new to the world of cannabis, then you are probably constantly asking different questions. One of the basic questions we get from newbies is “What’s the difference between a joint and a spliff?” or “Joints vs blunts, What’s the difference?” While most websites may use the terms, “joint,” “spliff” and “blunts” generally, in sentences meaning the same thing, these terms describe completely different types of marijuana cigarettes.

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts

What is a Joint?

A joint is a rolled up cigarette that contains only marijuana. It can be whatever strain you want, but it only contains weed. A joint is rolled from rolling or cigarette paper that is usually composed of different materials such as classic wood-pulp to exotic rice. Oh and hemp paper. A joint is typically 3 inches long.

What is a Blunt?

Similar to a joint, a blunt is made out of marijuana only, but instead of rolling it with standard rolling paper such as zig-zag or some other brand, this time it is rolled from tobacco paper. Blunts are often also created from cigar wraps made from tobacco leaf. Unlike a pure joint, when smoking a blunt, you will taste a tobacco flavor.

What is a Spliff?

A spliff is a kind of like a hybrid between the two. They are usually rolled in the same papers as joints, but these time the spliff is filled with a mix of tobacco and marijuana.

What’s Better (Joints, Spliffs or Blunts)?

Mixing tobacco and weed isn’t for everyone, and some might even say that it’s a waste of weed. For health benefits, it is not advised to consume tobacco. Nevertheless, we say everyone to his own smoking style. It’s important to understand that the three rolls provide quite a different experience. When mixing tobacco, it will provide an initial head rush and immediate buzz which will often suppress the effect of the weed. Blunts, for example, tend to provide a stronger impact as the tobacco paper interacts with the weed.

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts [ Visual Explanation]

We would like to thank the guys over at leafscience for this amazing infographic Joint vs Spliff vs Blunt Final Thoughts So you are trying to figure out which smoking style is best for you, right? Well, whatever type of marijuana cigarette you decide to try it’s best to purchase high-quality weed that is already pre-rolled. Unless you are a natural. The pre-rolls will allow you to explore the different types without all the construction process. If you are looking to smoke weed for health benefits then it’s a no-brainer not to mix tobacco. The post Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts [The Picture Guide] appeared first on Marijuana Break.

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