Find Yuh'self In Jamaica!

ይደሰቱ Yuh’self In Jamaica!

Smoking weed with friends is great and all. But from time to time, getting high alone is the best. Not only do you use less bud, but you also don’t have to share. And while that may seem selfish, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend some quality time with just you and your Mary Jane. Everyone needs time to themselves, after all. From making your stash last to embracing the silence, here are eight things you’ll understand if you love smoking weed alone.

1. You can be as comfortable as you want

There’s no dress code when you choose to smoke alone. You can chill in your underwear. Or, you can even get high in your birthday suit. It sure beats having to put on jeans just to spark some pot.

2. Your stash lasts longer

Your stash can run out quick after getting high with your homies, especially if you roll blunts or have countless numbers of sessions. But when it’s just you, all you need is enough weed to get yourself stoned. The more you smoke alone, the less money you have to spend on the herb.

3. You get to be high in peace

From time to time, it’s nice to enjoy the silence. Too many distractions can ruin a perfectly good high. And after a long day of dealing with people, some peace and quiet at home is just what you need.

4. You tend to multitask

Getting high by yourself can be lonely, but not when you have plenty to do. Sometimes, you’ll spark a spliff while playing video games. And other times, you’ll surf the internet while you take bong rips. You excel at performing multiple tasks at once.

5. You actually have time to collect your thoughts

While you don’t mind smoking weed with people, it can be hard to think straight with all the conversations going on. That’s why you prefer to get high alone so that you can reflect on the present, future, and whatever else. You also come up with some of the best ideas this way.

6. You can be a hot mess with the munchies all you want

Some of you prefer to keep your uncontrollable munchies under wraps when you’re around others. As much as you want to order twelve tacos and two orders of chips and guac, you try your best not to go too crazy. But when it’s just you, you give zero fucks about ordering the entire menu. You might even eat it all in bed. Who cares, it’s not like anyone is nearby.

7. Being suddenly terrified for no reason

So, you decide to get super high, knowing good and well no one is home. But then you get too high, and now you swear someone is there, ready to snatch up you and your precious buds.

8. YouTube is life

What does one do when they are by their self and high AF? Watch YouTube videos for hours and hours, of course. The post 8 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Smoking Weed Alone appeared first on HERB.

About Winston Irie is Here to Show Yuh' all the Best Ways to Affordably Find Yuh'self in Jamaica for some Authentic Island Hospitality & Community-Focused Tourism, while Spending Much Less* of Yuh' Hard-Earned Vacation Budget in the process!.

( * when compared to the all-inclusive cost of being "entertained" by extinct "limbo dance performances" by "straw-clad natives" at a uniquely monotonous cookie-cutter corporate resort. every single night.. )

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