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Animal Planet (The Dark Side of the Earth Remix)

Good Morning Class, Hello Missss Moonbeam,

My name is Andrew – but you guys already knew that, ha, ha, ha.

My Presentation today is on a topic nobody ever really wants to bring up or talk about, but deep down inside, we secretly wish it would just go away.

Planet Earth…

Animal Planet (The Dark Side of the Earth Remix)

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As you also already know – our Luminous Ancestors packed up, left, and came up here to colonize the Moon – soon after the 2020 Hindsight Wars – back when they used to live down there.

With them.

It is my Thesis today that, the downfall of Earth Society was not just simply from Nuclear Fallout, Global Environmental Backlash and Genetically Modified Drinking Water, but, more specifically, it was because Earthmen were never trained or taught to use their Minds properly – how to make valid deductions or arrive at correct conclusions.

It is also my assertion that, because Earthmen were intentionally denied access to the Trivium for almost 400 years – over a Century before even their WWIII – unlike us Moon People, who have used the Trivium continuously from our Great Luminous Beginning – the Earthmen did not have a Methodical System of Thinking, and this, I believe, was the real catalyst in their demise and eventual reversion to the trees.

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The Earthmen, who, by 2062, had already tried a One World Government – failing miserably after less than ten years – after they tried to force everyone to get a third biochip tracking implant, that could read and regulate thoughts.

That was the moment the entire planetary control grid started to fall apart.

At first, the Shuttles used to run back and forth every week – bringing up anyone else that wanted to escape global government and the rule of force, returning those that changed their minds and wanted to go back, or did not like living up here in a voluntary society.

As we all know, even if it’s just from that big Trivium Method sign hanging over our classroom door – the Trivium is a way of properly training your Mind to deal with problems and learn new material on your own, without an instructor – no offense Missss Moonbeam – because the tools and processes used in the Trivium, duplicates precisely the thinking pattern of a conscious human brain.

The Trivium Method, as we Moonchildren know, consists of rules for critical thought – leading almost automatically to higher levels of Intellectual Good Judgment and improved Self Esteem – from the ability and competency to think and act for ourselves, find meaning in things and assign the proper value to goods, services and ideas.

It is no wonder that the Trivium was hidden away from the Common Earthling.

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Even though the Common Earthman, should have known better than to go along with the cluster bombing of villages, the sale of medicine and education, not to mention Frankenstein foods, I still can’t help feeling that not all Earthmen were fully at fault.

Maybe the Masses down there did the best they could, with the limited Cognitive Resources that they had – after all, technically – they never really knew how to think correctly, much less even how to think for themselves.

My Dad works for Lunar Moon Gravity, and he says they sent a team past on a fly-by mission, to check the latest pollution and irradiation readings.

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Earth is still leaking Corexit and it is still escaping out into the galaxy – Venus is practically covered with soot.

My Dad says we’ve been warned by the Plebeians that they are going to tow the whole thing away, under Eyesore and Nuisance regulations, and scrap it for raw materials.

None of us up here on New Lemuria, really care if Earth goes – it has been decades since the last Moon People set foot down there, plus, only one or two continents, still have areas where soil is even minimally productive.

Sure, with Earth gone, that might throw off the calibrations of our gravity generators, and orbit thrusters and other kinds of space stuff like that – my Dad says we don’t really know for sure yet, but it shouldn’t be a big deal – besides, with Earth gone, we’ll have a much better view of the Andromeda Fireworks next July.

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I think the only person on the Moon that would mind seeing Earth towed away is my Grand Pop-Pop. He’s 137 years old and he still remembers sitting on his Grand Mom’s lap, listening to fairy tales about the bad old Fascist days, before she got away – back in the days when Earth’s Oceans were supposedly still flowing and blue.

Sometimes Grand Pop-Pop and I wonder aloud, if the Trivium could save any Earthmen still left – at least any that still might be walking upright – or if it’s already too late for the Minds of Earthlings to be Free.

The Trivium Processes of Learning and of Thought are the same in every subject. By knowing how to use the Trivium properly – systematically and in the correct sequence – an Earthman or Moonperson can, or could have, at any age, gained mastery over any topic – given time.

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The Trivium is, as we Moonchildren know, the Art and Science of the Mind and it is made up of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, the Intersection of 3 roads – and consists, appropriately, of three sets of rules – gathered and refined over thousands of years and taught as a complete System of Learning with a defined mental process, of specific order – rather than the focus Earth Schools placed on having students memorize individual subjects, for the past 400 years.

For millennia, and up until around the 1920’s, the Trivium was also the basis of all education on Earth.

America’s Founding Fathers had the Trivium – it’s what was taught in the One Room Schoolhouses of Earth’s antiquity – students of mixed age from 6 to 17 in one classroom, as we are here today, in this classroom – both primary and secondary level students, with Upperclassmen drilling and coaching their younger classmates – like me, in the Trivium Method of Thinking.

By 2010, back on Earth at least, the Trivium was only taught in a handful of private Prep Schools for the children of Earth’s elite ruling class – the schools where the Old Control-Mechanism Guard sent their kids.

Yep, that’s right!

The Trivium used to be taught down there on Earth too – even if only to the rich – up until WWIII and the Big EMP Surprise. In fact, you didn’t hear this from me, but, my Dad says Earth is where our Luminous Ancestors got our Trivium in the first place!

Someone found an ancient iPhone44 while cleaning out their moon-attic, and something called a podcast was found on it – from some – with an Earthman named Gene Odening, breaking down the Trivium – but I guess no one on Earth was listening…

Thankfully, our Luminous Ancestors did.

Compared to a Trivium Education – history’s first self improvement course – taught freely here on the Moon, ancient 21st Century Education on Earth, equated to giving a man a fish – instead of teaching him how to fish – repeatedly, consistently and systematically – for himself.

We get the word ‘trivia” from Trivium, because it was ‘trivial’ when compared to what comes next – the Quadrivium, or the Meeting of Four Paths.

Together, the Trivium and Quadrivium are collectively known as the Seven Liberal Arts – with Liber meaning ‘to Free’, as in preparing people to be Free Thinkers – in contrast with specialized vocational education, as was sold, down there on Earth – preparing Earthling individuals to be skilled workers in a particular job or trade.

During the late 20th Century, the term ‘Liberal’ was demonized down there on Earth. Originally, it meant ‘to free the Mind, by coming to know and understand reality’ – to be conversant with the Trivium.

The Secret Rulers of Earth, used propaganda and disinformation to turn the word ‘Liberal’ from simply meaning ‘Freedom’ in Greek, into something Politically and Socially charged – all to keep people away from the true implications of the word.

I would find it unlikely that Earth People disliking ‘Liberals’ or those that would think twice, about calling themselves a ‘Liberal’ in public – could ever find Freedom when they were scared of even the word.

By training the mind how to think correctly – instead of training it what to think, as was the standard on Earth – the Trivium teaches the Art and the Science of the Mind – as well as the Art of the Science of the Physical World.

This Philosophical Way of Thought, is based on works attributed to other really, really ancient Earthmen like Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato – with the key intention behind using the Trivium and Quadrivium being – to be able to confidently handle the universal subjects encountered in Life, improve one’s abilities of thought and to distinguish between real facts and non-reality fiction.

In other words – the Trivium Process of Learning how to learn, teaches how to critically think, by first, correctly defining a problem or opportunity and then using logic and understanding to either solve the problem or seize an available opportunity.

Everyone here already knows this, but the Common Earthman knew nothing. He wasn’t supposed to.

The beauty of the Trivium is that you can use what you learn, as soon as you learn it, while continuing to build on your skill level.

As we Moon People know, a first-hand, Independent Thinker can always rely on his own organized thoughts and live in a state of abundance – the difference between Living, and working for a living.

The Earthmen, on the other hand, had their pretty little heads filled with fiction by their so-called authorities; mainstream media, politicians, government officials and other the natural born human predators of their Planet.

This was how the shift in Consciousness began – that ultimately lead our Luminary Ancestors to just pack it in, pack up and shuttle away.

Before the Great Lunar Migration, more and more Earthmen began to see that all was not well with the Systems that Governed their Societies.

Fascism continued to spread around the World after the 1st FEMA Camp Revolts – and their eventual napalming – with Governments worldwide becoming more bold at taking away more Liberties more often.

Once the Old Moonbase Colony, New Lemuria was up and running – the small percentage of Earthlings that were fed up with Earth’s Command and Control System, started migrating up here in droves.

The only requirements for getting aboard the Shuttles, was to agree to cooperate voluntarily, not to force anyone against their will, uphold the 3 Natural Laws and reject the concept of Titled Land.

About 5% of America’s population left right away, millions of Chinese, Indians, Africans followed, and practically all of the Indigenous Earth tribes from the Amazon, Australia’s Outback, the Pacific islands and the Congo came right away too.

The rest of the Earthmen didn’t mind – most national governments were eagerly taking over the vacated properties and tribal territories long before the Shuttles left Earth’s Garbage-Belt too far behind.

Soon enough, everyone was where they wanted to be – the Civilized up here on the Moon, believing in Natural Law and that Man is of the Land – the Uncivilized down there on Earth, clinging until the last that Land was for Man, and to their outdated beliefs in Majority Rule, Aggressive Coercion, Humans as Resources, Fractional Reserves, Fiat Currencies, the Magical Will of Others when printed on “Official Paper”, plus the rest of their whole entire mess too.

Travel between Earth and the Moon eventually tapered off and the Shuttle Flights were halted altogether a few years later.

Our Luminous Ancestors forged ahead with their mission to build a New and Free Society up here, and soon after forgot all about the Earthmen and their Multiple Matrices of Control.

The scholars of old started by defining the end goal of education first — to study the ‘sciences’ of philosophy and theology.

Medieval and Classical teachers focused on teaching knowledge and skills in a logical sequence – continuously preparing students for advancement to higher levels of thought, while the students themselves knew, like we know, that they had to get through the Trivium and Quadrivium first, before advancing to higher-level disciplines and attainment.

Everyone knew ahead of time, that one thing built on the lessons of the previous and led to the next – for the entire process of our learning – compared to education down there, where goals were changed every Teacher’s Planning Day and a consistent, comprehensive plan for all phases of a Earthchild’s education and mental development was never provided.

The Ancient Greek Earthmen divided learning into two parts. The Practical Arts, which prepared students for jobs as artisans and craftsmen in specific trades; and the Liberal Arts – which focused on Intellect, Understanding and Morality.

On top of improving and expanding a person’s ability to reason to its full potential, the Trivium and Quadrivium Liberal Arts provided excellent tools for seeing behind falsities created by those down there, with lust for money, power and control – seeking to destroy individuality and impose collective thought upon a society.

As we all know, the Trivium consisted of three parts: Knowledge (Grammar), Understanding (Logic), and Wisdom (Rhetoric), in that specific order.

The first thing an Earthman would notice is that these “subjects” are not what they would call “subjects” – as to an Earthling they were simply methods of dealing with what they called subjects.

The average Earthman of the 21st and 22nd Centuries would be familiar with the terms Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric, but not with what they really mean – unless they happened to be a member of privileged class.

The rest – what the Earth Elite called the ‘rabble’, had things all fuzzy and in the wrong order – jumbled around intentionally in their heads and making them easy prey, willing to trade away personal liberty for semi-guaranteed quasi-security – and a 600 page legal document – already ready and rearing to go when it was so suddenly and tragically needed.

Originally, the whole idea of dumbing down a Society started with the Prussian (German) Earthmen.

After their defeat by Napoleon in 1806 – and then after conducting a study – the Prussian Elite were convinced that they lost the battle because the Prussian soldiers were thinking for themselves on the battlefield, instead of blindly following their Master’s orders.

Prussia then abolished teaching Prussian children the Trivium and  established a new “scientific”, three-tiered educational system, that defined for the Earthchild what was to be learned, and what was to be thought about, and how long to think about it, and when they were to think of something else.

Basically, it was a system of thought control, that would later grow up to be quite odius, into what we Moon People today would refer to as Mind Control.

By 1814, the first American Elite Earthman, Edward Everett, went to Germany to get a PhD and during the next 30 years or so; a whole line of American Elite went to Germany to earn degrees invented by the German Earthmen.

After the American Civil War, the Peabody’s, of Peabody Foundation fame, ensured that, the Prussian system was ‘deployed’ throughout the U.S.A.  between 1865 and 1918, including the passing of “compulsory schooling” laws.

This meant that the One-Room Trivium Schoolhouses had to go, and they were eventually ‘phased out’.

Man’s ways of knowing – both for Earthmen and Moon People – is by observing with the 5 senses and understanding – from a consciousness located somewhere inside our cranial cavity.

Man is only creature that shows evidence of rationality – the ability to recognize and use ratios – the relationship between different numerical quantities.

Human cognition is completely based on three sequential steps of observations:

[1] Knowledge: (General Grammar) – The Systematic Method of Discovering, Gathering and Ordering raw data and the facts of reality into a body of similar Nature – called a ‘subject’ or ‘study’ when complete. Knowledge is deciding WHAT you know from making observations – the Who, What, Where, and When of a topic.

[2] Understanding: (Formal Logic) – The Systematic use of Reasoning to bring full and intimate understanding of that body of knowledge, by eliminating all contradictions (inconsistencies) and establishing valid (non-contradictory) relationships among facts – the Why of a topic.

 [3] Wisdom: (Classical Rhetoric) – The Clarification, Explanation and Communication, of knowledge and understanding of use in the real world – in our own minds to ourselves more succinctly – and to others – the How of a subject.

All subjects are structured in the way we think and mirror this three-fold structure of the Trivium. The Application of Knowledge (General Grammar) and Understanding (Formal Logic) expressively comprises Wisdom (Classical Rhetoric) or, in other words, it produces Systematically Useable Knowledge and Understanding.

This same three-part structure is also duplicated in computers – Input or Grammar is the “What” or the raw data of the subject – the Processor or Logic brings meaning and understanding to the data, the “Why” – and Output or Rhetoric is then used to communicate Knowledge and Understanding, or the “How”, in terms that can be simulated, also known as Wisdom.

The Five Senses are the Instruments of Knowledge used by humans to know our surroundings. Observations of Reality are our only means of contact with the outside world of things around us – in whatever reality we happen to inhabit.

An important role of the Earth’s Education system for their last 400 years as a civilization was to discourage very young Earthlings from reading.

An Earthchild who reads too much becomes a knowledgeable and independent Earthman that asks way too many questions and is capable of finding out anything – from any available information or resource.

This was the reason Earthchildren didn’t start learning how to read until they were 6 or 7 years old, and even then – it was learning to read word by word, one by one at a time – and not whole sentences in context.

This was all planned and approved by the Earth Leaders to keep most of the common population from reading for the first six or seven years of their lives.

In order to have an efficient Elite class that does not have their boat rocked very often, if at all, you first have to remove the power of the “worker class” beneath them, to be able to figure out or ‘define’ things for themselves.

Definition is the essence of Logic – it is how we identify man made things, or things in Nature, and is our means of isolating the essence of a word or concept.

Words and terms have to be defined before debate or an argument and should not be not be too broad, narrow, circular or vague and must be stated in positive terms – what it is, not what it is not.

Definition is a bridge between people – it starts with agreement on language – next with agreement on definition of words, then sentences, then paragraphs and then entire texts.

Agreeing on the terms used, in the context of an argument between two parties, replaces their mental inconsistencies with clarity. If we can agree on what the words, sentences, paragraphs and entire text mean, then a true meeting of the minds is possible.

The Trivium gets opposing parties on the same page, where they can proceed on same level.

A rational argument cannot overcome emotion argument unless we are all on same page. If a contesting party is too emotionally involved in the argument – you may have to walk away and leave them to Jesus.

If only the Earthmen had been taught these same things too!

One of the reasons that Earthmen Elite wanted to spread the old Prussian system to the entire Planet, was to ensure an ever expanding and dependent, non-thinking work force to staff their expanding factories and conglomerations.

In the early 1800’s, about 80% of all Earthmen had independent livelihoods and didn’t need to work for anyone. By 2012, the ratio was down to – who knows – I’d say, less than 40% self-dependent, common Earth people worldwide, down there 200 years later.

Textbooks from the 1800’s made reference to history, philosophy, mathematics, science and politics, that an Earthman educated in the 21st and 22nd Century would not even be able to comprehend, because of the intentionally incorrect way Earthling children were being “taught to think”.

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